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Marketing & Branding

Joyy!, helps entrepreneurs to find their unique message to share with the world by creating marketing and branding strategies for them.

We share their passion by building & improving their brand. Burcu Onaranel Erten shows them a different perspective of their business by having the experience of traveling and working with people who are from 23 different countries.

We believe if they find their unique value purpose, the income will increase inevitably.

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Our Services:

  • Brand Consulting
    • Brand analysis and improvement where we analyze the digital presence of your business and making recommendations for suggested improvements
    • You will be given a clear idea of what your next step is on your online platform(s)

  • Marketing Coaching
    • 1 hour consulting, which will point you in the right direction of your business goals
    • You will also get an outline of your marketing strategy

  • Social Media Management
    • Managing your various social media platforms (for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business)

  • Creating Marketing Strategies & Email Campaigns
    • Marketing consulting
    • Creating strategies for your business
    • Managing email campaigns