"She is worth every penny!" - Kelly Aalseth | Leadership Development, GLA, Credentialed Coach

"I am a published author and a blog writer. I want to focus on my writing, not my marketing. Trying to figure out all the different platforms (Wordpress, Canva, Instagram, etc... More

"Burcu is full of creative energy and she really sparks joy in you" - Dagmara Loftus | Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master

Burcu is an amazing person full of creative energy and she really sparks joy in you. The knowledge she shares about marketing is really helpful and easy to implement. Ever sin... More

"I become more confident and courageous!" - Neslihan Keçe | Human Resources Specialist

After our coaching sessions with Burcu, I become more confident and courageous. I learned a lot about how NLP is important and make changes in our lives. I have become a person who... More

"Burcu truly knows how to go after a goal!" - Da Li | Diversity & Anti-Bullying Coach

What I loved most about Burcu is that she truly knows how to go after a goal. I know that from having learned about her personal experience; her story is clear evidence that she un... More

"Joyy! helped me to promote and raise my social media presence." - Alfred-Andrew Bowen | Corrective Exercise Therapist

"Began working with Burcu for my social media presence. Needed more diversity and consistency with content and delivery for all my platforms. ​Burcu, assisted me strategi... More

"Joyy! is your outsourced social media marketer." - Sanjay B. Dalal | CEO of oGoing

"Joyy! helped oGoing on a number of social media marketing projects including promoting our Business Owners Roundtable events and stories on LinkedIn and Facebook groups, Face... More

"Joyy! is my right-hand in my business!" - Leisa Reid | Speaker Coach, Speaker, and Trainer

"Burcu has become my right-hand in my business! I love having a team member I can trust to handle my social media and email campaigns. AND it is SO important that I can TRUST ... More

"Joyy! has been a God send for my business" - Brian Matthews | Fitness Manager, Nutrition Coach

"I am honored to write this review for Burcu today as she has been a God send for my business! When I first got into the online world, I felt very lost and I had no idea where... More

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